There is available street parking spaces on Akard and Griffith ST W. On Akard, there are approximately 8 available parking spaces on the side by the wine lounge. On the side by Buzz Lofts is 11 parking spaces. In the next block on Akard street, there are approximately 20 additional parking spaces. On Griffin ST W, there are 15 available parking spaces before the Lorenzo Hotel. Note: When parking, be mindful of the signage and don’t park beyond the no parking zone. Also, don’t block any driveways of businesses on Akard street such as Artistry Labs.


When we receive confirmed 70+ RSVP participants for a private event, we have the opportunity to partner with Lorenzo Hotel for shared parking arrangements to handle overflow parking. This is based on availability, please inquire for more details.


The wine lounge is mapped in LYFT’s and UBER’s apps, if located in close proximity to the wine lounge, use these services for transportation to and from Distinctive Vines.